Coding Practices

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There are standards for programming in C/C++ that you must follow when fixing or enhancing the Mozilla products. A number of things that are important include

  • Use the correct coding style There is a code style book for programmers who are working on the Mozilla products. Many of these styles are based on the established C (and C++) styles. Go to and read this document about style. Better yet, print it for handy reference.

  • Use the reviewer's guide This guide sets the groundwork for code reviewing. Visit and read this document, even if you are not planning to be a code reviewer.

  • Follow the rules and tips for coding Again, visit the web page at, which spells out exactly what is good practice and what is bad practice.

  • Make your coding portable This means you should not include platform-specific code unless it is absolutely unavoidable. (And it is very rare that it is unavoidable.) Visit to read more about making your code portable.

A good starting point for coding is This page is a FAQ containing a lot of useful information. Read this document.

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