Instant Access

Using NetStorage

  • NetStorage provides a WebDAV server interface for all NetWare 6.5 files and directories.

  • Use any WebDAV-compliant application, such as Web browsers, Windows Explorer (My Network Places), or Office 2000 to access NetWare 6.5 files and folders.

  • NetStorage can provide clientless access to iFolder files.

  • NetStorage provides the WebDAV support for the NetDrive client.

Working with NetDrive

  • NetDrive client is available on the NetWare 6.5 client's CD-ROM.

  • Supports access of NetWare 6.5 files and folders using standard protocols: FTP, WebDAV, or iFolder.

Synchronizing Files with Novell iFolder

  • Synchronize files between remote clients and a centralized iFolder server, so that user data is available anytime , from anywhere .

  • Configure and manage iFolder server through the iFolder management console, available through Web Manager after iFolder is installed.

  • Use iFolder client to provide synchronization between the iFolder server and regularly used machines.

  • If you are using a machine for one-time access, use NetStorage to access the iFolder server without having to synchronize all files.

  • Use NetDrive to access the iFolder server without synchronizing the entire directory. Useful when the desktop application is not WebDAV-aware.

  • iFolder access requires that the iFolder server be installed and configured prior to use.

Using Virtual Office

  • Use preconfigured services to make NetWare 6.5 files, as well as common services such as NetStorage, iPrint, and email, available through a single portal Web site.

  • Configure Virtual Office through the Virtual Office Management link in iManager.

  • Virtual teams are a specialized instance of Virtual Office that you can use to create ad-hoc portals to support a community, group , or team focused on a specific project or topic of discussion.

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