Introduction to NetWare File Access

One of the major tenets of Novell's one Net philosophy is that users should have access to their files and data at anytime , from anywhere . To help you reach this goal, NetWare 6.5 includes a host of methods for accessing network data.

In keeping with Novell's open standards approach to network services, these access methods are designed to use Internet standards, Web browsers, and thin clients , thereby minimizing the need to add large amounts of workstation software in order to access network resources. Those access methods that do require a client of some sort make installation and configuration as easy as possible, so users can get on with their business.

This chapter takes a look at the new and nontraditional forms of file access available in NetWare 6.5. These include

  • NetStorage

  • Novell NetDrive

  • Novell iFolder

  • Virtual Office

  • NetWare FTP server

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