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Apple Training Series: iWork '06 with iLife '06
By Richard Harrington, RHED Pixel
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: April 27, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-44225-3
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-44225-3
Pages: 384

Table of Contents  | Index

   Getting Started
      The Methodology
      System Requirements
      Installing iLife
      Copying the Lesson Files
      About the Apple Training Series
   Making Presentations in Keynote
      Lesson 1.  Creating a Basic Presentation
      Before You Start
      Launching Keynote
      Choosing a Theme
      Selecting a Master Slide
      Outlining the Presentation
      Creating the First Slide
      Adding More Slides
      Pasting Text into the Outline
      Working with the Inspector
      Formatting Text on a Slide
      Customizing a Slide Layout
      Modifying the Title
      Modifying the Bullet Points
      Adding a Shape to Hold Text
      Placing Text Inside a Shape
      Copying Styles Between Slides
      Styling the Titles
      Styling the Bullets
      Adding the Rounded Rectangle
      Cleaning Up the Slides
      Adding a Table
      Filling the Table Header Row
      Filling the Table Cells
      Fixing Spelling Errors
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 2.  Adding Media to Your Presentation
      Accessing Media Files
      Working with Still Photos
      Adding Photos to Slides
      Adding Audio to a Slideshow
      Using Video in a Slideshow
      Keeping Media with Your Presentation
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 3.  Animating and Viewing Your Presentation
      Creating Builds to Reveal Text
      Creating a Sequence Build to Reveal a Table
      Creating Interleaved Builds
      Watching the Presentation So Far
      Creating Transitions Between Slides
      Indexing Your Presentation with Spotlight
      Configuring Preferences for Smooth Playback
      Running Your Presentation
      Pausing and Resuming a Slideshow
      Troubleshooting Your Presentation
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 4.  Converting a PowerPoint Presentation
      Importing a PowerPoint Presentation
      Animating the Title Slide
      Cleaning Up a Chart
      Enhancing a Chart
      Animating a Chart
      Enhancing a Table
      Animating a Bar Chart
      Animating a Pie Chart
      Changing the Style of a Chart
      Replacing the Content of a Slide
      Adding Comments to a Presentation
      Rehearsing the Presentation
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 5.  Working with Themes, Graphics, and Hyperlinks
      Creating a Custom Theme
      Saving and Sharing Themes
      Applying a Custom Theme
      Adding Transparency to Artwork
      Masking Photos with Shapes
      Embedding a Web Page
      Embedding and Formatting QuickTime Movies
      Adding Hyperlinks and Navigation
      Running a Presentation in Kiosk Mode
      Exporting to CD-ROM
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 6.  Publishing and Giving Your Presentation
      Adding and Printing Speaker Notes
      Printing Handouts
      Exporting to QuickTime
      Exporting to PowerPoint
      Exporting to PDF
      Exporting Images
      Exporting to Flash
      Sending to iDVD
      Exporting to HTML
      Creating a Podcast Using GarageBand
      Giving Your Presentation with a Laptop
      Lesson Review
   Publishing with Pages
      Lesson 7.  Creating a Newsletter
      Before You Start
      Launching Pages
      Choosing a Template
      Working with a Template
      Replacing Placeholder Text
      Editing Image Placeholders
      Cropping Images Using Masks
      Customizing Colors
      Laying Out More Pages
      Inserting a Page into a Layout
      Completing the Layout
      Exporting to PDF
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 8.  Creating a Marketing Package
      Assembling Project Assets
      Creating a Poster
      Creating a Postcard
      Creating a One-Sheet
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 9.  Creating a Three-Panel Brochure
      Choosing a Template
      Customizing the Template
      Adding Photos
      Adding a Background Image
      Adding Text
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 10.  Creating a Script, Storyboard, and Presentation
      Saving a Template for a Video Script
      Creating a Storyboard Presentation
      Publishing a Presentation to .mac
      Creating a Storyboard Handout
      Laying Out a Proposal
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 11.  For the Power User (Bonus Lesson)
      Lesson 11.  For the Power User (Bonus Lesson)
      Exporting Images from Aperture
      Advanced Text Animation with LiveType
      Creating a Motion Background with LiveType
      Using QuickTime Player to Optimize Content for Keynote
      Using Compressor to Optimize Content for Keynote
      Creating Animations with Transparency with Motion
      Creating a PANTONE Color Strip in Photoshop
      Preparing a Layered Photoshop File for Import into Keynote or Pages
      Exporting a Chart Animation for Final Cut Pro
      Lesson Review
      Organizing and Refining Your Photos (iLife Bonus Lesson)

Apple Training Series. iWork '06 with iLife '06
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