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Xalan XSLT processor
Xalan-J (XSLT engine)
XEP (RenderX formatting program)
Xerces Java Parser (Apache-XML project)
Xerces-J parser
        support for XInclude
XHTML 2nd 3rd
        browsers' handling of
        converting HTML document to
                changes for well- formedness
                converted HTML document
                example HTML document
        DTDs for
        empty element tags
        Modular (XHTML 1.1), authoring compound documents with
        Modular XHTML
        replacing standard DTD
        valid document (example)
        web browser support for
        creating your own XHTML
        list of modules
        mixing applications into
        mixing modules into applications
        Module-based XHTML (W3C specification)
XHTML Basic and RDDL
xi:fallback element
xi:include element
xi\:fallback element
XInclude 2nd 3rd
        alternate content for missing documents
        content negotiation
        include element
        text files, including
xlink:arcrole attribute
        rddl\:resource element
                purpose names
xlink:href attribute
        for locators
        rddl:resource element
xlink:label attribute
xlink:role attribute
        locator elements
        rddl\:resource element
                natures in
        resource elements
xlink:show attribute
xlink:title attribute 2nd
        arc elements
        locator elements
        resource elements
xlink:to attribute (arc elements)
xlink:type attribute
        arc 2nd
        possible values of
        resource 2nd
xlink\:actuate attribute
xlink\:from attribute (arc elements)
xlink\:label attribute
        local resources and
xlink\:role attribute
xlink\:type attribute
XLinks 2nd 3rd 4th
        definition of
        DTDs for 2nd
        embedding non-XML content in XML documents
        extended links
                local resources
                locator elements
        link behavior
                xlink\:actuate attribute
                xlink\:show attribute
        link semantics
        simple links
        web browsers' support of
        XPointers, use in
        benefits of
        case-sensitivity in
        character sets
        communications protocols and
        as data format [See data format, XML as]
        data format
        default character set for documents
        direct display in browsers
                alternative approaches
                Internet Explorer
                xml-stylesheet processing instruction
        documents [See documents, XML]
        enterprise applications and
        evolution of
        how it works
        inability to use IDs in documents without DTDs
        invalid documents
        language reference
        name tokens
        parsers [See parsers]
        processing instructions
        schema languages 2nd
        SGML and
        storing in a database
        valid documents
        Version 1.1 2nd 3rd
                IRI, use for namespaces
                support by DOM Level 3
        Versions 1.0 and 1.1, W3C recommendations for
        what it isn't
XML applications
        Robin Cover's list of
XML Canonicalization
XML declaration
        web browser problems with
XML Encryption
XML Information Set
XML Schema Language (W3C)
XML Signature
XML Validation Form (Brown University)
xml-stylesheet processing instructions 2nd 3rd [See also processing instructions]
        pseudo-attributes in
        XSLT stylesheets and
xml:base attributes
xml:lang attribute
        ATTLIST declarations of
        language codes
        subcodes for regions
xml:space attribute
xml\:lang attribute
XMLCounter class (SAX, example class)
xmlEncoding attribute (DOM)
XMLFilter interface (SAX) 2nd
XMLFilterImpl class (SAX) 2nd
        UpperCaseFilter class (example)
        --valid flag
        --xinclude option
xmlns attribute 2nd
        SAX core feature
        setting default namespaces with 2nd
xmlns( ) scheme, XInclude processors and
xmlns:xsl attribute
xmlns\:prefix attribute
XMLReader class (Microsoft .NET)
XMLReader interface (SAX) 2nd
        counting elements/attributes in a document
        filters and
        getFeature( )
        methods called in ContentHandler
        setFeature( )
        validating parsers
XMLReaderAdapter class (SAX)
XMLReaderFactory class (SAX) 2nd
XMLSchema-instance namespace
xmlVersion attribute (DOM)
XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)
XOM's nu.xom.xinclude package
XPath 2nd 3rd
        arithmetic operators in
        calculating string value of an expression
        data model 2nd
       data types
                node sets
        expressions 2nd 3rd [See also location paths]
                data types for
        functions 2nd
        location paths 2nd
                abbreviated syntax
                child element location steps
                node tests in
                predicates in
        predicates in
        predicates in location steps
        relational operators
        unabbreviated location paths
        XPointer extensions to
XPath module, DOM
xpointer attribute (xi:include)
xpointer( ) scheme, XInclude processors and
XPointers 2nd 3rd
        child sequences
        escaping characters not allowed in URIs
        href attributes in URLs
        in links
        namespaces and
        points in
        ranges in
                here( ) function
                origin( ) function
                range( ) function
                range-inside( ) function
                range-to( ) function
                relative XPointers
                string-range( ) function
        shorthand pointers
        syntax of
        on URLs
xs:all element 2nd
xs:annotation element
xs:any element 2nd
xs:anyAttribute element 2nd
xs:anySimpleType type
xs:anyURI type
xs:appinfo element 2nd
xs:attribute element 2nd
xs:attributeGroup element 2nd 3rd
xs:base64Binary type
xs:boolean type
xs:byte type
xs:choice element
xs:complexContent element 2nd
xs:complexType element 2nd 3rd
        mixed attribute
xs:date type
xs:dateTime type
xs:decimal type
xs:documentation element 2nd
xs:double type
xs:duration type
xs:element element 2nd
xs:ENTITIES type
xs:ENTITY type
xs:enumeration facet element
xs:extension element 2nd
        deriving new type from
xs:field element
xs:float type
xs:fractionDigits facet element
xs:gDay type
xs:gMonth type
xs:gMonthDay type
xs: group element 2nd
xs:gYear type
xs:gYearMonth type
xs:hexBinary type
xs:ID type
xs:IDREF type
xs:IDREFS type
xs:import element 2nd
xs:include element 2nd
xs:int type
xs:integer type
xs:key element 2nd
xs:keyref element 2nd
xs:language type
xs:long type
xs:maxExclusive facet element
xs:maxInclusive facet element
xs:maxLength facet element
xs:minExclusive facet element
xs:minInclusive facet element
xs:minLength facet element
xs:Name type
xs:NCName type
xs:negativeInteger type
xs:NMTOKEN type
xs:NMTOKENS type
xs:nonNegativeInteger type 2nd
xs:nonPositiveInteger type
xs:normalizedString type
xs:notation element
xs:NOTATION type
xs:pattern facet element
xs:positiveInteger type
xs:QName type
xs:redefine element 2nd
xs:restriction element 2nd 3rd
xs:schema element 2nd 3rd
xs:selector element
xs:sequence element 2nd
xs:short type
xs:simpleContent element 2nd
xs:simpleType element 2nd
        pattern facet, using
xs:string type
xs:time type
xs:token type
xs:totalDigits facet element
xs:union element 2nd
xs:unique element 2nd
xs:unsignedByte type
xs:unsignedInt type
xs:unsignedLong type
xs:unsignedShort type
xs:whiteSpace facet element
xs\:appinfo element
xs\:choice element
xs\:schema element
        targetNamespace attribute
xs\:simpleContent element
xsi prefix
xsi:nil attribute
xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute 2nd
xsi:schemaLocation attribute 2nd
xsi:type attribute 2nd
XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) 2nd
        XSLT and XSL-FO
XSL Formatting Objects Composer (IBM)
xsl prefix 2nd
XSL-FO (XSL Formatting Objects) 2nd 3rd
        applied to XML document (example)
        boxes in
        choosing between CSS and
        CSS vs.
        laying out master pages
                flowing content into pages
                generating finished document
        programs for working with
                XSLT to XSL-FO transform
        structure of documents
xsl: apply-imports element
xsl:apply-templates element 2nd
        mode attribute
xsl:attribute element
xsl:attribute-set element
xsl:call-template element
xsl:choose element
xsl:comment element
xsl:copy element
xsl:copy-of element
xsl:decimal-format element 2nd
xsl:element element
xsl:fallback element
xsl:for-each element
xsl:if element
xsl:import element
xsl:include element
xsl:key element
xsl:message element
xsl: namespace-alias element
xsl:number element
xsl: otherwise element
xsl:output element
xsl:param element
xsl: preserve-space element
xsl:processing-instruction element
xsl: sort element
xsl: strip-space element
xsl:stylesheet element
xsl:template element 2nd
        mode attribute
xsl:text element
xsl:transform element
xsl:value-of element 2nd 3rd
xsl:variable element
xsl:when element
xsl: with-param element
XSLT 2nd 3rd 4th
        applying templates with xsl:apply-templates
        attribute value templates
        calculating element value with xsl:value-of
        flowing content into pages
        format-number( ) function
        input document, example of
        Internet Explorer and
        modes, applying different templates with
        namespaces 2nd
        other features
        RDDL nature URL for
        rddl\:resource element pointing to stylesheet
        stylesheet processors 2nd
                built-in template rules
                problems with incorrect namespace URIs
        stylesheet using unabbreviated XPath syntax
        template rules, built-in
                for comment and processing instruction nodes
                for element and root nodes
                for namespace nodes
                for text and attribute nodes
        templates and template rules
        transforming documents into XSL-FO
        transforming XML documents 2nd
        TrAX (Transformations API for XML)
        type pseudo-atttribute, specifying with
        Version 1.0
        xsl:decimal-format element
XSLT stylesheets
        XSL-FO and


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