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w:body element
w:wordDocument element
        DOM Level 3 Core Recommendation 2nd
        entity sets
        recommended form of XHTML
        schema type library
        standard XML DTDs
        styling XML documents
        SVG standard
       templates for
                defining the namespace URI and prefix names
                importing standard modules
                naming attributes and elements
        XML 1.0 and 1.1, recommendations for
        XML Information Set
        XML Schema Language 2nd
        XML Schema Recommendation
Walsh, Norman
web browsers
        CSS stylesheets in 2nd
        direct display of XML in
                alternative approaches
                Internet Explorer
                xml-stylesheet processing instruction
        document validation and
        link behavior in
        linkbases and
        support for XHTML
        XLinks support
        XPointer xpointer scheme and
web search methods
        Dublin Core
        RDF (Resource Description Framework)
        robots processing instruction
Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
web site for this book
well- formed XML documents 2nd
well- formedness
        checking documents for
        constraints recognized by XML 1.0 parsers
        errors 2nd
        HTML document, editing for conversion to XHTML
        parsing XML documents for
        Richard Tobin's checker and validator
        SAX filters, problems with
        SAXParseException and
        XML Versions 1.0 and 1.1
        XSLT stylesheets and
Western European languages, Latin-1 encoding
when element
white-space property (CSS)
        CSS stylesheets
        in element contents
       in element content
                trimming and normalizing
        parsers' treatment of
        stripping 2nd
        in XML names
        XML specification for
        xml\:space attribute
        in XPointers
whiteSpace facet element 2nd
wildcards and location paths
Windows ANSI [See Cp1252 character set]
Windows systems [See also Microsoft]
        Cp1252 character set
        Latin-1 character set, use of
        saving files as Unicode
        Topologi Schematron Validator
with-param element
word processors, saving data in XML
        root element of document
        text elements
World Wide Web Consortium [See W3C]
WSDL (Web Services Description Language)


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