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Safari, support for XHTML
Sanskrit language, Unicode block for
Save module, DOM
SAX (Simple API for XML) 2nd 3rd
        Attributes interface
        Attributes2 interface
        AttributesImpl class
        ContentHandler interface 2nd
                example implementation (XMLCounter)
                methods called by parser in
        controlling parser behavior with URIs 2nd
        DeclHandler interface 2nd
        DefaultHandler class
        development of parsers
        DOM vs.
        DTDHandler interface
        EntityResolver interface
        EntityResolver2 interface
        ErrorHandler interface
        event-based API
        features and properties 2nd
                properties 2nd
                SAXCoreFeatures class
                SAXCoreProperties class
                steps in using
                well- formedness , problems with
                XMLFilterImpl class
        InputSource class
        LexicalHandler interface
        Locator interface
        Locator2 interface
        LocatorImpl class
        NamespaceSupport class
        ParserAdapter class
        SAX 2.0.2
        SAX1 vs. SAX2 2nd
        SAXException class 2nd
        SAXNotRecognizedException class 2nd 3rd 4th
        SAXNotSupportedException class 2nd
        SAXParseException class
        XMLFilterImpl class
        XMLReader interface 2nd
        XMLReaderAdapter class
        XMLReaderFactor class
Scalable Vector Graphics [See SVG]
schema element 2nd
        qualifying every element with a namespace
schema languages 2nd 3rd
schema-valid XML documents 2nd
schemaLocation attribute 2nd
schemas 2nd 3rd
        annotation elements in
        associating with instance document
        attribute declarations
                attribute groups
        complex types
                element content
                occurrence constraints
        controlling namespace qualification
        document organization
        document permanence and
        document validity and
        DTDs versus
       element content
                any type
                empty elements
        element declarations
        fixed attribute
        instance document attributes
        keys and references
        lists and
        namespaces 2nd
                controlling qualification
                issues with
                target namespaces
        simple types 2nd
        stylesheets and
        type derivation, controlling
                abstract elements and types
                final attribute
                fixed facets
                uniqueness and keys
Schematron schema language 2nd
        annotations and
        Validator for Windows
screen media, CSS length units for
scripting module (XHTML DTD)
search methods for the Web
        Dublin Core
        RDF (Resource Description Framework)
        robots processing instruction
sections, narrative XML documents
        divided into subsections
security, XML documents transmitted over the Internet
selector element
selectors, CSS
        for child elements
        for descendants
        for sibling elements
        universal selector (*)
self axis 2nd
sequence element 2nd
sequences in element declarations
        enclosed in parentheses
Serbian language
setAttribute( ) (Element)
setAttributeNode( ) (Element)
setAttributeNodeNS( ) (Element)
setAttributeNS( ) (Element)
setDTDHandler( ) (XMLReader)
setFeature( ) (XMLReader)
setNamedItem( ) (NamedNodeMap)
setNamedItemNS( ) (NamedNodeMap)
setProperty( ) (SAX)
setTextContent( ) method, DOM
setUserData( ) (Node) 2nd
        DocBook application
        HTML and
        legacy of
        XML and
shapes (geometric), Unicode block for
Shift_JIS encoding
short type
shorthand pointers (XPointer)
sibling elements
        CSS, selector for
Simple API for XML [See SAX]
simple links
Simple Object Access Protocol [See SOAP]
simple types, schema content 2nd 3rd
        defining new
        facets 2nd
                enforcing format
                length restriction
simpleContent element 2nd
simpleType element 2nd
        pattern facet, using
Slavic languages (Cyrillic script)
sort element
source code samples and CDATA sections
Southeast Asian languages, Unicode block for
Spacing Modifier Letters (Unicode block)
special attributes
special characters entity set 2nd 3rd 4th
specific node-type interfaces, DOM Core
        content nodes
        structural nodes
Sperberg-McQueen, C.M.
splitText( ) (Text)
standalone attribute
        external DTD subsets and
standalone declaration
        setting value to no
        XML specification for
standard DTDs
Standard Generalized Markup Language [See SGML]
start region (XSL-FO)
start-point( ) function (XPointer)
starting resource
starts-with ( ) function (XPath) 2nd 3rd
Streaming API for XML (StAX)
strict DTD (XHTML)
string type
string( ) function (XPath) 2nd
string-length ( ) function (XPath) 2nd
string-range( ) function (XPointer)
        internalized (SAX feature)
        normalizedString type
        in XPath 2nd 3rd
                functions for
strip-space element
structural nodes (DOM Core)
style attribute module (XHTML DTD)
Style module, DOM
style properties, CSS
style rules
stylesheet element (XSLT) 2nd
stylesheet reference in XML document
        attaching to XML documents
        descriptive, formatting XML documents
        displaying XML in web browsers
        document permanence and
        major stylesheet languages
        XHTML DTD stylesheet module
subcodes (languages)
substitution groups
substring( ) function (XPath) 2nd
substring-after( ) function (XPath) 2nd
substring-before ( ) function (XPath) 2nd
substringData( ) (CharacterData)
suffixes in element declarations
sum( ) function (XPath)
super keyword, prefixing SAX method calls
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
        DOM extensions for
                need for
                syntax for
        prefixes and namespace URIs
        source code written in XHTML and enclosed in CDATA section
        support by Mozilla
symbols (miscellaneous), Unicode block for
symbols entity set 2nd 3rd
syntax structures of XML documents
SYNTAX_ERR exception (DOM)
system ID for XML document to parse
system-property ( ) function (XSLT)
systemId attribute (DocumentType interface)


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