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table elements (CSS display property)
tables modules (XHTML DTD)
tag sets
        overlapping not allowed
        start- and end-tags
        syntax of
                empty elements
target attribute (ProcessingInstruction interface)
target module (XHTML DTD)
target namespaces
targetNamespace attribute
technical symbols, miscellaneous
TEI (Text Encoding Initiative)
teiHeader element
template element 2nd
template rules (XSLT)
        built-in 2nd
                for comment and processing instruction nodes
                for element and root nodes
                for namespace nodes
                for text and attribute nodes
templates (XSLT)
        adding to XSLT stylesheets
        apply-templates element
        applying different with modes
        attribute value
        converting to uppercase with SAX filter
        presentation of
text declarations
        external entities and
        XML declarations vs.
        XML specification for
text element (TEI documents)
text element (XSLT)
text elements, WordprocessingML
Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
text files, including with XInclude
Text interface (DOM) 2nd 3rd
        nodeName attribute and
        nodeValue attribute and
text nodes
        default template rule for
        XPath data model and
text properties
text( ) location step
text( ) node test
text-based XML processing
text/css MIME type
text/xml MIME type 2nd
text/xsl MIME type (Microsoft IE)
        and nodeType attribute
        and textContent attribute
textContent attribute (Node)
textual tools for XML documents
Thai characters
        ISO-8859-11 encoding 2nd
        Unicode block for
third-party links
Tibetan Unicode block
Tidy (HTML to XHTML conversion tool)
time type
title attributes for arcs
title elements (extended links)
title pseudo-attribute 2nd
Tobin, Richard
token type
Topologi Schematron Validator for Windows
totalDigits facet element 2nd
transform element (XSLT) 2nd
transformations, XSL
transforming XML documents
transitional DTD (XHTML)
translate( ) function (XPath)
Traversal module, DOM
TrAX (Transformations API for XML)
tree models for XML documents
        DOM Node interface and
        narrative documents
tree references, dynamic (DOM)
tree-based pull model, XML processing
tree-traversal algorithms, DOM
true( ) function (XPath) 2nd 3rd
Turing complete programming languages
Turing, Alan 2nd 3rd
        JPEG image of
        XML document describing
type attribute 2nd
type derivation
                abstract elements and types
                final attribute
                fixed facets
                uniqueness and keys
type information, available with DOM Level 3
type libraries
type pseudo-attribute 2nd
TypeInfo interface (DOM) 2nd


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