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Ragget, Dave
Rahtz, Sebastian
Range module, DOM
ranges in XPointers
        here( ) function
        origin( ) function
        range( ) function
        range-inside( ) function
        range-to( ) function
        relative XPointers
        string-range( ) function
RDDL (Resource Directory Description Language) 2nd
        document (example)
        namespace URIs and
        natures of related resources
        purposes of related resources
rddl prefix
rddl:resource element 2nd
        indicating related resources
        xlink:arcrole attributes, purpose names in
       xlink:role attribute
                natures in
RDF (Resource Description Framework) 2nd 3rd
        binding prefixes to namespace URIs
        embedding metadata in a page
        encoding Dublin Core in
recode ( character-set conversion tool)
record-like documents
        DTDs for
        use of XML
        XML as data format
redefine element 2nd
        to other declarations in DTDs
        entity, listing of
        external parameter entity
        external parsed general entities
        parameter entity [See parameter entity references]
        places for allowed usage
        in XML instance documents
regions (XSL-FO master pages)
regular expressions
        use in XML data processing
        XML Schema
                including/excluding Unicode character classes
        XML syntax limiting child elements
related resources
        natures of
        purposes of
relational databases, XML and
relational operators in XPath 2nd
relative location paths
        building compound location paths
relative units of length (CSS properties)
relative XPointers 2nd
RELAX NG schema language 2nd
remote resources (extended links)
        third-party links
removeAttribute( ) (Element)
removeAttributeNode( ) (Element)
removeAttributeNS( ) (Element)
removeChild( ) (Node)
removeNamedItem( ) (NamedNodeMap)
removeNamedItemNS( ) (NamedNodeMap)
RenderX formatting program (XEP)
replaceChild( ) (Node)
replaceData( ) (CharacterData)
Resource Directory Description Language [See RDDL]
resource element (XLink)
resource elements
resource elements (RDDL) 2nd
        indicating related resources
        natures of related resources
        purpose name URLs for related resources
resources (missing), replacing with xi:fallback element
REST (Representational State Transfer)
restriction element 2nd
        deriving new type from
rgb, specifying for CSS colors
robots processing instruction
role attributes for arcs
Romanian language
root element 2nd
        comment placement and
        determining name of
        in narrative-oriented documents
        processing instruction placement and
        schema documents
        TEI documents
        WordprocessingML document
        XSL-FO documents
        XSLT stylesheets
root interface (DOM Core)
root location path
root node
        default template rule for
        paths beginning with /
        root element vs. (XPath)
        XPath data model and
round( ) function (XPath) 2nd 3rd
RPC (remote procedure calls), XML-RPC
ruby module (XHTML DTD)
Russian language
        Cyrillic script


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