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the hidden power of flash components
The Hidden Power of Flash Components
by J. Scott Hamlin, Jared Tarbell and Brandon Williams ISBN:0782142109
Sybex 2003 (304 pages)

Use this step-by-step guide to achieve amazing effects with the hundreds of Flash components available from Macromedia and various third parties, from avoiding pitfalls to building games and more.

Table of Contents
The Hidden Power of Flash Components
Chapter 1 - What are Components and Why Should I Care?
Chapter 2 - Using Components 101
Chapter 3 - Using Components with Custom User Interfaces
Chapter 4 - Button Components
Chapter 5 - Interface Components
Chapter 6 - Animation Components
Chapter 7 - Text Effect Components
Chapter 8 - Video and Audio Components
Chapter 9 - Game Components
Chapter 10 - Creating Components
Chapter 11 - Component Extras
Chapter 12 - Troubleshooting Components
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The Hidden Power of Flash Components
The Hidden Power of Flash Components
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