List of Figures

Chapter 1: Introduction

Figure 1.1: Reasons for Reading the Book
Figure 1.2: Summary of Case Studies

Chapter 2: Distribution Items and Purchased Material

Figure 2.1: Sales Prices and Line Discounts
Figure 2.2: Information for Items vs. Stockkeeping Units
Figure 2.3: Reordering Policies

Chapter 3: Manufactured Items

Figure 3.1: Company-Wide vs. Location-Specific Manufacturing

Chapter 4: Sales and Operations Planning

Figure 4.1: S&OP for a Distribution Item
Figure 4.2: S&OP for a MTS Manufactured Item
Figure 4.3: S&OP for a MTO Manufactured Product

Chapter 5: Sales Order Processing

Figure 5.1: Sales Order Delivery Dates vs. Shipment Dates

Chapter 6: Purchase Order Processing

Figure 6.1: Critical Dates for a Purchase Order
Figure 6.2: Purchase Prices and Line Discounts
Figure 6.3: Suggested Action Messages on the Requisition Worksheet

Chapter 7: Warehouse Management

Figure 7.1: Basic Inventory Transactions

Chapter 8: Production Order Processing

Figure 8.1: Production Order Types and Creation Methods: Impact on
Figure 8.2: Critical Dates and Lead-Time Elements for a Production Order
Figure 8.3: Production Order Variances

Chapter 10: Summary

Figure 10.1: E-Commerce and Biztalk Transactions for

Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
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