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Chapter 2: Distribution Items and Purchased Material

Purchasing Lead-Time and Capable-to-Promise Logic
Use of Location Information for a Single-Site Company

Chapter 3: Manufactured Items

By-Products and a Negative Component Quantity
Identifying Planned Manufacturing Scrap
Copying a Bill of Material
Production Lead-Time and Capable-to-Promise Logic
Methods for Establishing Direct Linkage Between Production Orders and a Sales Order

Chapter 4: Sales and Operations Planning

Statistical Forecasting and Demand Planning
Use of a Manually Maintained Master Schedule for Stocked Items
S&OP for Partially Defined Make-to-Order Products
Business Analytics and S&OP

Chapter 5: Sales Order Processing

Other Types of Sales Order Line Items
Business Analytics and Sales Analysis

Chapter 6: Purchase Order Processing

Other Types of Purchase Order Line Items
Rules for Using Inbound Biztalk Documents
Methods for Creating a Purchase Order

Chapter 8: Production Order Processing

Gantt Chart Format for a Production Schedule

Chapter 9: Multisite Operations

System Implications for a Multisite Company
Transfer Lead-Time and Capable-to-Promise Logic

Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
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