GDI Interoperability

Although GDI+ is a vastly improved API, a few features that are appreciated by GDI developers are not available in GDI+, such as raster operations. However, all is not lost. GDI+ interoperability provides a way to interact with GDI in managed applications, which can be used alongside GDI+ to provide the best of both worlds.

This chapter is written particularly for developers who want to use GDI in their managed applications. If you have no interest in GDI, feel free to skip this chapter. It will always be here, should the GDI need arise!

To Learn More about COM and NET Interoperability

If you know GDI and want to use it in managed applications, this chapter will give you an idea of how to do that. However, COM interoperability is a broad topic. If you want to explore COM interoperability more, some good books are available on the market. One such book is COM and .NET Interoperability by Andrew Troelsen (published by APress).

GDI+ Programming with C#
GDI+ Programming with C#
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