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SAS application server

a server that provides SAS services to a client. In the SAS Open Metadata Architecture, the metadata for a SAS application server specifies one or more server components that provide SAS services to a client.

SAS Management Console

a Java application that provides a single user interface for performing SAS administrative tasks.


a SAS server that provides access to multidimensional data. The data is queried using the multidimensional expressions (MDX) language.

SAS Open Metadata application

a client application that connects to the SAS Metadata Server and uses metadata from one or more SAS Metadata Repositories.

SAS Open Metadata Architecture

a general-purpose metadata management facility that provides metadata services to SAS applications. The SAS Open Metadata Architecture enables applications to exchange metadata, which makes it easier for these applications to work together.


a server that provides SAS/CONNECT services to a client. When SAS ETL Studio generates code for a job, it uses SAS/CONNECT software to submit code to remote computers. SAS ETL Studio can also use SAS/CONNECT software for interactive access to remote libraries.

SAS/SHARE library

a SAS library for which input and output requests are controlled and executed by a SAS/SHARE server.

SAS/SHARE server

the result of an execution of the SERVER procedure, which is part of SAS/SHARE software. A server runs in a separate SAS session that services users' SAS sessions by controlling and executing input and output requests to one or more libraries.


a data set that is created from a character variable or column and which is applied to that same character data for the purpose of transformation or analysis.


in SAS data quality, a value that determines the granularity of the clusters that are generated during data analysis and data cleansing.

server administrator

a person who installs and maintains server hardware or software.

See also metadata administrator.

server component

in SAS Management Console, a metadata object that specifies information about how to connect to a particular kind of SAS server on a particular computer.

slowly changing dimension

a set of strategies that are used to track changes in a dimension table. A type 1 SCD is updated by writing a new value over an old value. A type 2 SCD is updated by creating a new row when a value changes in an old row. A type 3 SCD is updated by moving an old value into a new column and then writing a new value into the column that contains the most recent value.

snowflake schema

tables in a database in which a single fact table is connected to multiple dimension tables. The dimension tables are structured to minimize update anomalies and to address single themes. This structure is visually represented in a snowflake pattern.

See also star schema.


an input to an operation.

star schema

tables in a database in which a single fact table is connected to multiple dimension tables. This is visually represented in a star pattern. SAS OLAP cubes can be created from a star schema.

surrogate key

a numeric column in a dimension table that is the primary key of that table. The surrogate key column contains unique integer values that are generated sequentially when rows are added and updated. In the associated fact table, the surrogate key is included as a foreign key in order to connect to specific dimensions.

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SAS 9.1.3 ETL Studio: Users Guide
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