Limiting Network Usage by Web Sites

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By default, IIS allows Web site visitors to consume as much network bandwidth as is available. When you have a lot of remote users or a slow Internet connection, visitors can consume all available bandwidth, preventing users of the internal network from accessing the Internet for Web browsing and e-mail. While it is easy to place limits on the maximum number of people who can concurrently connect to the Web site and the maximum amount of network bandwidth a Web site (virtual server) can consume, there is a catch—internal and external (Internet) users are treated the same. Therefore, it’s best not to apply this feature to the http://companyweb site, and you should think about your usage patterns before applying it to the Default Web Site as well.


IIS must install Packet Scheduler to enable bandwidth throttling, which will drop all currently connected users of the server—not just Web site users. Make sure you do not do this while users are connected to the Windows Small Business Server computer.

To limit network bandwidth or the number of concurrent connections, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Server Management console, expand the Advanced Management container, and then expand Internet Information Services.

  2. Expand the SBSSRV (local computer) container (assuming your server is named SBSSRV), select the Web Sites container, right-click the Web site on which you want to limit bandwidth, and then choose Properties from the shortcut menu.

  3. Click the Performance tab (Figure 18-11), select the Limit The Network Bandwidth Available To This Web Site check box, and specify the maximum bandwidth that IIS should allow the Web site and all virtual directories on the virtual server to use.

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    Figure 18-11: The Performance tab of the Default Web Site Properties dialog box.

  4. To limit the number of concurrent users who can use the site, select the Connections Limited To option and type the maximum number of connections to allow.

  5. Click OK when you’re finished.

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