Section A.1. Removing Your PC from Its Box

A.1. Removing Your PC from Its Box

Whether you've picked up your new baby from the store or a delivery van dropped it off, most PCs enter homes in two giant shipping boxes. The PC lives inside the heaviest box; the other box contains the monitor. Both items come wedged inside a protective layer of molded Styrofoam.

To begin liberating your machine, pull out each box's packing staples with a pair of pliers so the sharp edges don't scratch anything. Then fetch a pair of scissorsthey let you cut neat slits in the plastic wrapping to remove cables, keyboards, and other parts . Try not to damage the Styrofoam when extracting your PCyou may need to put it back inside if you ever need to return your computer or monitor.

Receipts, packing lists, and other important-looking papers come in handy for reference and tech support calls, so grab a large manila envelope to store them before they disappear beneath oceans of foam and plastic.

Note: If you return the PC for a refund, someone at the store will inspect the box, the Styrofoam, and other packaging for damage. She'll also make sure all the original CDs and manuals are neatly in place, and in their wrappers. Don't be surprised if the clerk removes the PC's case to take inventory of any removable parts: the video adapter, CPU, hard drive, and memory.

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