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Knoppix is incredibly flexible and can be used for many tasks, but these tasks generally fall into a few different categories: desktop use, system administration, system recovery, and live-CD remastering . The first few chapters act as an introduction to Knoppix and help you boot Knoppix on your hardware and then use it as your Linux desktop. The middle chapters feature Knoppix as a system administrator multitool with tips on how to do many common system recovery tasks both on Linux and Windows. The final chapters focus on Knoppix as a platform to create other live CDs with an introduction to many popular Knoppix-based distributions and steps to create your own.

Chapter 1, Boot Knoppix

Before you can use Knoppix, you must get it booted on your system. This chapter guides you through the process of getting the latest version of Knoppix and booting it on your hardware. The main focus of the chapter is the use of special boot time parameters, called cheat codes , to tweak the settings Knoppix uses as it boots.

Chapter 2, Use Your Knoppix Desktop

Knoppix boots directly into a full KDE desktop environment. This chapter covers all of the features of the Knoppix desktop and introduces the major desktop and Internet applications Knoppix includes, as well as how to connect to the Internet. Use this chapter to get up to speed on the Knoppix desktop.

Chapter 3, Tweak Your Desktop

This chapter covers how to tweak settings on the Knoppix desktop, including installing software directly to ramdisk . This chapter also covers the use of persistent storage, which saves all of your settings and data between reboots, so your data and configuration can be as portable as Knoppix itself.

Chapter 4, Install Linux with Knoppix

Knoppix makes it easy to install Linux on your own machine. This chapter walks you through the Knoppix installation process with a few common installation scenarios, including how to turn an install into a regular Debian system.

Chapter 5, Put Knoppix in Your Toolbox

Knoppix isn't just for desktop use. This chapter discusses how to use Knoppix as your system administration multitool with tips on how to replace a failed server with Knoppix in an emergency, clone systems, and perform security audits .

Chapter 6, Repair Linux

When your Linux system breaks and you need a rescue disc, look no further than Knoppix. This chapter helps you repair a system that won't boot, with tips on restoring the boot loader, repair filesystems, and recover from failing hard drives .

Chapter 7, Rescue Windows

The Windows Recovery CD isn't all it's cracked up to be, and when your Windows system breaks, you can use Knoppix to rescue it. This chapter helps you back up files and settings, reset passwords, hack the registry, and even scan for viruses.

Chapter 8, Knoppix Reloaded

There are a number of other live CDs that have been based on Knoppix. Each derivative has its own special focus, and this chapter covers some of the most popular Knoppix-based distributions and why you might want to try them in addition to Knoppix. Before you remaster your own CD, check out these distributions.

Chapter 9, Knoppix Remastered

Knoppix is very flexible, but if you have a special need or your favorite software is missing from it, you can easily remaster Knoppix to include the special features, or custom branding, you desire . This chapter walks you step by step through the remastering process and features special tricks and tweaks to make the most out of your personalized distribution.

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