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You can read this book from cover to cover if you like, but each hack stands on its own, so feel free to browse and jump to the different sections that interest you most. If there's a prerequisite you need to know about, a cross-reference will guide you to the right hack.

It's important to note that while Knoppix can be installed directly to a hard disk, and indeed there is an entire chapter devoted to that in this book, that unless otherwise noted, the hacks in this book assume you are running Knoppix directly from CD. The first chapter is an introduction to Knoppix itself and the Knoppix live-CD boot process. Refer to this chapter if you have any problems getting the CD to boot on your particular hardware or if certain hardware doesn't function. If you are new to Linux itself, the next two chapters provide you with a guide to the Knoppix desktop and a primer for the major desktop software Knoppix includes. If you find you really like the Knoppix desktop and want to use it on a system permanently, go to Chapter 4 for steps to install Knoppix directly to your computer.

The middle chapters cover more advanced uses for Knoppix, particularly for system administration and recovery. Use these chapters as a quick reference when you need to repair a system or just as a simple way to do much of your daily work with a single CD.

Use the final chapters in the book if you are interested in creating your own Knoppix-based CD. There's a chance the features you need have already been included in another live CD based on Knoppix, so check out the other Knoppix-based distributions in Chapter 8 before you start through the remastering process. You can use the final chapter in the book as a step-by-step reference for the remastering of your own Knoppix CD with the software and features you want.

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