Creating the First Slogan

First, you'll set up the text layers that are the foundation for the wall of text that rains into the scene. You'll work backward by laying out the landing position for the layers in this section and then animating them from their starting positions in the next section. Follow these steps:


Click the Horizontal Type tool in the Tools palette, and set the following properties in the Character and Paragraph palettes:

Text Size: 12 pixels

Font Family: Arial Black

Fill Color: white (RGB: 255, 255, 255)

Leading: Auto

Horizontal Scale: 125%

Alignment: Center Text

Character settings for the first text layer


In the Base Text Comp window, type the text From Dreams to Ideas to Business Solutions as a single line of text at time 0;00, and then press Enter on your keyboard's numeric keypad or click the Selection tool to get out of text-entry mode.

The first slogan


Duplicate the text layer eight times so you have nine layers total.


Select all the layers, press P to display their Position properties, and change the X value of any one of the selected layers to 360 to set the value for all of them.


Deselect all the layers, and then click the Y Position value of the first layer and set it to 110. Press Tab twice to go to the next layer's Y Position value, and change the remaining layers' Y Positions as follows:

Layer 2: 360, 150

Layer 3: 360, 190

Layer 4: 360, 230

Layer 5: 360, 270

Layer 6: 360, 310

Layer 7: 360, 350

Layer 8: 360, 390

Layer 9: 360, 430

Position values for the nine text layers

The layers should be evenly distributed between the first and last layers, forming a vertical stack.

The text layers in formation

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