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if opcode   2nd  
if statement  
IMCC (Intermediate Code Compiler)  
       assembler options  
       bytecode interpreter options  
       command-line options  
       debugging bits  
       directives to  
       named constants  
       named variables  
       Parrot classes and  
       quick reference  
       register allocation  
       register spilling  
               Parrot calling conventions  
       temporary registers  
inc opcode  
index opcode   2nd  
inequality operator (!=, ne)  
intdepth opcode   2nd  
integer bitwise operators  
integer context  
integer stack  
Intermediate Code Compiler   [See IMCC]
interpinfo opcode  
interpreter, Parrot  
intrestore opcode   2nd  
intsave opcode   2nd  
invoke opcode  
       coroutines and  
       in PASM  


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