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open a pages template p. 2

  • If the Template Chooser doesn't open when you create a new file, open the Preferences dialog (Pages > Preferences) and select For New Documents: Show Template Chooser dialog. Close the dialog and try again.

  • When you click in a block of placeholder text the whole block is selected allowing you to begin typing immediately to replace it with your own text.

    The template we've chosen includes several different blocks of text that are specified as placeholders. They include the main body of the letter and the Addressee / Title, Company Name / Address, Date, Sir or Madam, Sender Name, and CompanyName fields.

  • The date in the template automatically reflects the current date because it is specified as a Formatted Text Field. Pages also provides Formatted Text Fields for Page Number and Page Count. We'll learn how to insert Formatted Text Fields later in the book.

enter and format text p. 3

  • The placement and size of body text is determined by the margin settings for your page. Click in the body text to bring the area into focus. Select View > Show Rulers (-R) and note the correlation between the outline of the body text and the margins displayed in the rulers.

  • When a box containing fixed text is selected, handles appear around the outline. The filled handles are used to resize the text box in any direction. The hollow handles are used to link different boxes together allowing the contents to flow from one to the other.

  • You may click and drag or use the arrow keys to move a text box around the page.

modify a text style p. 5

  • A paragraph style is applied to all of the text in a paragraph. A paragraph is a block of text that ends with a carriage return.

  • A character style may be applied to any individual character or group of characters (words) within a paragraph.

  • List styles are used to create lists or outlines. They automatically add bullets or numbers to each list item.

place graphics p. 16

  • Apart from importing via Insert > Choose, graphics can also be dragged from the Finder and dropped on placeholder graphics or elsewhere in the document.

  • Graphics may also be dragged from the Media Browser (View > Show Media Browser) if the graphics are included in an iPhoto Library.

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    Creating Pages with iWork. Visual QuickProject Guide
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