Deleting Messages

When you no longer need a message, you can delete it from your mailbox or any folder. After you delete it, the message goes to the Trash folder. The message remains there until you empty the Trash manually or until the Trash is emptied automatically, according to settings you chose in GroupWise Options (see Chapter 8) or based on any organizational policies.


Your GroupWise administrator may have configured the users' Trash to be purged automatically after a certain number of days. Check your organization's policy to see whether Trash is being purged automatically by the GroupWise server.

To delete a message, select the message and press the Delete key. Alternatively, you can click the message and drag it to the Trash folder. You can also right-click the item and choose the Delete option from the menu that is displayed.

You can delete messages from any location (for example, from the Mailbox folder, from the Sent Items folder, or from any Calendar view).

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