The campus mobility model is the simplest of Mobile IP deployments, and it provides us with a chance to look at some of the key features of IOS Mobile IP.

In this chapter, integration with AAA was discussed, and RADIUS was identified as the optimal protocol for AAA services. The details surrounding the Cisco ZeCC should have made it clear that this is an ideal solution for enterprise deployment because of the simplified client rollout and the integration with existing backend systems.

Home Agent Redundancy was introduced as a critical component to a high-availability Mobile IP solution. The use of Home Agent Redundancy in its simplest formthe active-standby modeis the ideal deployment in most cases. The added complexity of peer-peer redundancy is only necessary in a few deployment scenarios. Remember, when discussing active-standby mode, it is for processing of RRQs only. Even in active-standby mode (unless static or connected routing is used to reach the Home Agent), standard equal-cost multipath routing always loads balance data traffic between Home Agents.

The next chapter adds the complexity of roaming across multiple autonomous systems and introduces the specifics of Internet deployment.

    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
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