Best Practices

  • All nonproject-specific tasks should be tracked in one administrative project per department or resource group, depending on the size of the overall organization.

  • Organizations should track benefit and overhead time at the departmental level to provide a more accurate view of resource availability as well as better control over how resources use this time.

  • Administrative projects are best created using the PWA Project Center, Manage Administrative Projects menu.

  • Ongoing time approval and maintenance should occur frequently, per pay cycle at a minimum.

  • Administrative projects should receive a detailed review and cleanup annually whether the organization follows a calendar year or a fiscal year.

  • Careful consideration needs to be given to the number and complexity of project and resource calendars.

  • Companies with multinational work forces need to have multinational calendars.

  • The choice for Managed Periods needs to be carefully weighed against the time required for manual management of periods.

  • If projects are created against specific tracking settings and those settings are changed universally, the projects need to be opened and saved under the new tracking settings.

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