Chapter18.Risks, Issues, and Documents Using Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)

Chapter 18. Risks, Issues, and Documents Using Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)


  • Collaboration Using Windows SharePoint Services

  • Risks

  • Issues

  • Documents

  • Best Practices

Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 provides the ability to collaborate with your project team through managing risks, issues, documents, and a project workspace provided by the integration with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). You can download WSS free from Microsoft and then use the default application settings and capabilities as designed to integrate with Project Server.

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You can download WSS from the Microsoft website at

The Microsoft website also contains the Windows SharePoint Services Administrator Guide that can be found at

Each project you publish to the project server can have an associated project website, called a workspace, provided that Project Server is connected to a valid Windows SharePoint Services web server and the site is provisioned either automatically or manually. The project website format is created from the project workspace template when WSS is installed, which contains a picture library, discussion boards, surveys, announcements, events, links, and contact lists in addition to the risks and issues lists and a document library for a project. Access security to the project workspace and the associated lists and documents is controlled by Windows SharePoint Services. This chapter describes general WSS functions, risks, issues, and documents, and provides some advice on how you can quickly customize the risks, issues, and documents lists to better suit your organization's existing standards.

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