Lesson Review


How many tracks can be recorded simultaneously in GarageBand?


What does monitoring input mean during Real Instrument recording?


How does a cycle region affect a Real Instrument recording?


What steps are necessary to hear different effects, such as amp simulators, applied to a track?


Can you modify and save effects that are applied to a track?



With the use of an approved audio interface, you can record up to eight Real Instrument tracks and one Software Instrument track.


Monitoring input means that you can hear the instrument you're playing before and during recording.


Recording a Real Instrument using a cycle region will only record during the first pass. The second pass of the playhead in the cycle region will play back the newly recorded region.


You can hear different effects as you apply them to a track by playing the track in the Timeline and changing the instrument or effects in the Track Info pane while the track is playing.


Yes. You can save your effects settings as instruments in the Track Info pane and use them again on different tracks or projects.

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