Should I use AutoText or AutoCorrect?


You must decide how much formatting and effort the boilerplate text requires. If you need to type the same text often but the text consists of only a word or two and requires no special formatting, use AutoCorrect (Tools, AutoCorrect).

With AutoCorrect, Word makes changes for you as you type the AutoCorrect abbreviations. (Be careful not to create AutoCorrect entries from common words, or Word might replace text that you don't always want replaced .) If the text is lengthy or requires special formatting that spans multiple lines, however, add the text as an AutoText entry. After you type the AutoText abbreviation, press the F3 key to expand the abbreviation into the formatted full text. Keep in mind that AutoCorrect imposes a 255-character limit on entries you make there.


Why can't I see my headers and footers while editing my document?


Perhaps you are displaying your document in Normal view. Select View, Print Layout to see headers and footers in their correct positions on the page.


What is the difference between a table and a document formatted with multiple columns ?


Both tables and multicolumn documents have multiple columns. The multicolumn document, however, is useful when you want to create a newspaper-style document with flowing columns of text and graphics. Tables have both columns as well as rows, making cells at each row and column intersection for specific data. A multicolumn document might contain a table in one of its columns.

Use tables when you want side-by-side columns of related information. Use multiple columns when you want your text to snake from the bottom of one column to the top of another.

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