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       Excel worksheets  
Calculation tab  
Calendar (Outlook)   2nd   3rd   4th  
       appointment scheduling   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       Daily Scheduler  
       Date Navigator   2nd   3rd   4th  
       dates/times   2nd   3rd  
       event scheduling   2nd  
       meeting scheduling   2nd   3rd   4th  
        tasks   2nd   3rd  
Calendar button  
camera images
       adding (PowerPoint slides)  
camera images (Word)
Caption property (Access database fields)  
       saving PowerPoint presentations to  
cell pointers (Excel worksheets)  
cell reference (Excel worksheets)  
cell referencing
       Excel formulas   2nd   3rd  
       borders (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
       correcting mistakes (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
       editing (Excel worksheets)  
       Excel worksheets   2nd  
       inserting (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
       moving (Excel worksheets)  
       selecting (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
       shading (Excel worksheets)  
cells (Excel)
               adding   2nd  
       relative cell referencing  
cells (Excel).   [See also ranges]
Cells command (Format menu)   2nd   3rd  
Cells command (Insert menu)  
Center button  
center justifying text (Word)  
Change All option (Spelling dialog box)  
Change option (Spelling dialog box)  
Change Quality button  
character formatting (Word)   2nd  
        color   2nd  
       fonts   2nd  
       special (Word)
               inserting   2nd  
Chart toolbar  
Chart Type button  
Chart Wizard   2nd  
       chart type
               choosing   2nd  
               modifying   2nd  
       data series
               choosing   2nd  
       data tables  
Chart Wizard dialog box  
charts (Excel)  
       background images   2nd   3rd  
       creating   2nd  
       data series, choosing   2nd  
       data tables  
       legends   2nd  
       modifying   2nd  
       types, choosing   2nd  
Check Address dialog box  
check boxes
       All Day Event  
       Automatic Bulleted Lists  
       Automatic Numbered Lists  
       Check Grammar as You Type  
       Check Grammar As You Type  
       Check Spelling As You Type   2nd  
       Different Odd and Even or Different First First Page  
       Keep Lines Together  
       On Mouse Click  
       Show AutoComplete  
       Suppress Line Numbers  
       Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration  
Check Full Name dialog box   2nd  
Check Grammar As You Type check box  
Check Grammar as You Type check box  
Check Spelling as You Type check box  
Check Spelling As You Type check box  
checking spelling  
checking spelling (Publisher)  
Choose Assistant option (Office Assistant)  
Clear command (Edit menu)   2nd  
clearing data
       Excel worksheets  
clip art
       downloading (Web)  
clip art (Word)
       inserting   2nd   3rd   4th  
Clip Art task pane   2nd  
Clipboard   2nd   3rd  
Code view  
code.   [See syntax]
Collapse Dialog button  
       applying (Word)   2nd  
               Excel worksheets  
color schemes
Column chart (Excel)  
       deleting (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
               Excel worksheets   2nd  
       inserting (Excel worksheets)  
       inserting (Word tables)  
       multiple (Word tables)   2nd   3rd  
       text boxes
               adding (publications)  
Columns command (Format menu)  
Columns command (Insert menu)  
Columns dialog box   2nd  
comma (,)
Comma Style button  
               Web pages   2nd  
       Tools menu
command buttons
       Web pages (FrontPage)  
       Action menu
               New All Day Event  
               New Letter to Contact  
               New Recurring Appointment  
       Actions m enu
               New Journal Entry  
       Edit menu
               Clear   2nd  
               Copy   2nd  
               Cut   2nd  
               Delete   2nd  
               Fill, Series  
               Find   2nd  
               Go To  
               Paste   2nd   3rd  
       File menu
               New, Mail Message  
               New, Task  
               Package for CD  
               Page Setup, Layout  
               Picture, From Scanner or Camera  
               Print   2nd   3rd  
               Print Preivew  
               Print Preview   2nd  
               Properties   2nd  
               Publish Site  
               Save As Web Page  
               Web Page Preview  
       Format menu
               AutoFormat   2nd  
               Bullets and Numbering  
               Cells   2nd   3rd  
               Font   2nd   3rd   4th  
               Paragraph   2nd  
               Styles, Formatting  
               Unhide Columns  
       Help menu
               Microsoft Publisher Help  
               Show Office Assistant  
       Insert menu
               Comment   2nd  
               Date and Time  
               Form   2nd  
               Page Numbers  
               Picture, Clip Art   2nd   3rd  
               Picture, From File   2nd   3rd  
               Picture, From Scanner or Camera   2nd  
               Reference, Footnote  
               Text File  
               Web Components  
       Query menu
               Show Table  
       Records menu
       Slide Show menu
               Action Buttons  
               Action Settings  
               Record Narration  
               Slide Transition  
       Table menu
               Insert, Table  
               Table AutoFormat  
       Tools menu
               AutoCorrect   2nd   3rd   4th  
               Customize, Options  
               Design Checker  
               E-Mail Accounts  
               Language, Hyphenation   2nd  
               Language, Thesaurus  
               Letters and Mailings  
               Options, Spelling & Grammar  
               Options, Spelling and Grammar  
               Options, View  
               Spelling   2nd  
               Word Count  
       View menu
               Full Screen  
               Header and Footer  
               Master, Slide Maseter  
               Notes Page  
               Task Pane  
               Toolbars, Chart  
               Toolbars, Customize  
               Toolbars, Database  
               Toolbars, Drawing  
               Toolbars, Outlining  
               Toolbars, Web   2nd  
Commands tab  
Comment command (Insert menu)   2nd  
       slides (PowerPoint)  
comments (Excel)
       adding   2nd  
Compatibility option (Options dialog box)  
conditional formatting
       Excel worksheets   2nd  
Conditional Formatting dialog box  
               Access filters   2nd  
Cone chart (Excel)  
Contact dialog box   2nd  
Contacts (Outlook)  
contacts (Outlook)  
       recording   2nd   3rd   4th  
       selecting   2nd  
Contents option (Properties dialog box)  
       Word files into presentations   2nd  
Convert to Number option (Excel worksheets)  
       data to XML   2nd   3rd   4th  
Copy button  
Copy command (Edit menu)   2nd  
Copy to Folder button  
       Excel formulas  
       Word text   2nd   3rd  
copying data
       Excel worksheets   2nd  
Corporate Presence Wizard   2nd  
Count() function  
CountBlank() function  
crash-recovery features  
Crosstab Query Wizard  
currency fields (Access)   2nd  
Currency format (Excel worksheets)  
Custom Dictionaries button  
Custom format (Excel worksheets)  
custom lists
       creating (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
Custom Lists tab  
Custom Mark text box  
Custom option (Properties dialog box)  
               Customize dialog box   2nd  
               Options dialog box   2nd  
Customize command (Tools menu)  
Customize dialog box   2nd   3rd  
Customize, Options command (Tools menu)  
       Office Assistant   2nd   3rd  
Cut button  
Cut command (Edit menu)   2nd  
       Word text   2nd   3rd  
cutting data
       Excel worksheets   2nd  
Cylinder chart (Excel)  

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