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       adding (Web pages)   2nd   3rd  
background images
       Excel charts   2nd   3rd  
       Outlook events  
Bar chart (Excel)  
               expanding   2nd  
Bcc (blind carbon copy)
Between keyword  
blind carbon copy (Bcc)
blue dotted lines  
boilerplate text.   [See AutoText]
Bold button  
boldface formatting (Word)  
               reading (Word)  
border art ( publications )
Border dialog box  
Border tab  
BorderArt dialog box   2nd  
       adding (publications)   2nd   3rd  
        cells (Excel worksheets)   2nd  
       text boxes
               publications   2nd   3rd  
boxes.   [See also dialog boxes]2nd   [See also check boxes]3rd   [See also text boxes]
Brochure Wizard  
browsers.   [See Web browsers]
Bubble chart (Excel)  
bulleted lists (Word)
       inserting   2nd  
Bullets and Numbering command (Format menu)  
Bullets button  
business cards
       creating (Publisher)  
Business Contact Manager   2nd  
       action (PowerPoint)   2nd  
       Add Files  
       Align Left  
       Align Right  
       Apply to All Slildes  
       AutoFill Options  
       Change Quality  
       Chart Type  
       Collapse Dialog  
       Comma Style  
               Web pages (FrontPage)  
       Copy to Folder  
       Custom Dictionaries  
       Decrease Font Size  
       Decrease Indent  
       Display Map of Address  
       Draw Borders  
       Expand Dialog  
       Font Color  
       Format Painter  
       Full Name  
       Increase Font Size  
       Increase Indent  
       Insert Function  
       Invite Attendees  
       Merge and Center  
       Multiple Pages  
       New Contact  
       New Note  
       New Record  
       New Slide   2nd  
       New Style  
       New Task  
       Note Options  
       Numbering   2nd  
       Paste Options  
       Primary key  
       Select Picture  
       Set Microphone Level  
       Shortcut Key  
       Show Toolbar  
       Slide Design  
       Switch Between Header and Footer  
       Tables and Borders  
       Text box  

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