Designing with the Design Gallery

Publisher includes a design feature called the Design Gallery . The Design Gallery acts as a repository of predesigned elements that you can place in your publications . For example, you might need a special banner to spruce up a newsletter's featured column. Although you can design your own eye-catching banner, why not check the Design Gallery to see whether you like an example that's already there?

One of the most beneficial features of the Design Gallery is that you can store additional design elements in the Design Gallery collection. Therefore, you can create headline banners for each division's newsletter within your company and store each of those banners in the Design Gallery. When the time comes to begin work on the next issue for a particular division, you can grab the banner that you created before and re-use the banner to maintain consistency across your newsletter issues.

To Do: Explore the Design Gallery

You can explore the Design Gallery contents by following these steps:

  1. Click the Design Gallery Object button on the toolbox. The Design Gallery Object button is the button at the bottom of your toolbox. The Design Gallery window opens as shown in Figure 24.4.

    Figure 24.4. The Design Gallery contains graphic elements you can include in your publication.


    Like the Clip Gallery, the Design Gallery is organized in categories listed down the left edge of the Design Gallery window. (When you add your own items to the Design Gallery, you can create new categories that will appear on the tabbed page labeled My Objects .) Each category has its own design.

  2. Click on different Design Gallery categories to see the designs available in them.

  3. Once you locate the picture that represents the Design Gallery item you want to insert, double-click the item to insert it into your publication. Publisher places the item on the Publisher editing area and closes the Design Gallery window. You can move, resize, and edit the item as if you had designed and drawn the item yourself from the shape and text tools on the toolbox.

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