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Macromedia Flash   [See Flash files]
mail   [See email]
mail server, interaction with email-sending servlet  
mail sessions   2nd  
       servlet getting from WebLogic JNDI  
mail.jar archive file  
Manager application (Tomcat)  
       online documentation for  
       StopTask class  
manifest file for JAR files  
Map objects  
       ContextObject class (example)   2nd  
                methods adding keys and values to map  
       cookie EL implicit object  
       Entry subclass, getKey( ) and getValue( )  
       entrySet( )  
       header implicit object   2nd  
       headerValues implicit object  
       JSP parameters passed for posting to JavaBean  
Message class  
       getAllHeaders( )  
       getContent( )  
       getFrom( )  
message stores   2nd  
MessagingException class  
META-INF directory, TLDs in  
method attribute (HTML form tag)  
Method objects  
methods (JavaBean), naming conventions for  
Microsoft Word file
       as email attachment  
       sending as binary data  
MIME types
       associating file extensions with  
       common, listing of  
       Microsoft Word document  
       MP3 files  
MimeMessage class   2nd   3rd  
MimetypesFileTypeMap class  
modules, JavaScript
       example of  
       organization and storage of  
       validating form input (validate.js)  
MPEG audio layer 3 (MP3)
       embedded file in a JSP  
       sending audio file as  
multimedia, embedding in JSPs  
       embedding applet with HTML Converter tool  
       embedding applet with jsp:plugin  
       embedding background soundtrack in a JSP  
       embedding Flash in a servlet  
       embedding QuickTime movie in a JSP  
       embedding SVG file in a JSP  
       HTML template for embedding Flash files
               generating automatically  
Multipart class  
Multipart content type  
multipart/form-data content type  
MultipartFilter class  
MultipartParser class  
MultipartRequest class
       file-uploading JavaBean, use in  
       servlet that uses, creating  
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions   [See MIME types]
MutableAttributeSet class  

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