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name attribute (Ant project element)  
       definition of  
       identified by prefix attribute of taglib directive  
       for XML elements related to XML Schema instances  
       xmlns attribute of taglib element  
naming conventions, log4j  
naming servlets  
       creating multiple mappings to a servlet  
       creating welcome files for web application  
       invoking servlet without a web.xml mapping  
       JSP-type URL for servlets  
       mapping all requests from a web application to a servlet  
       mapping all requests to controller while preserving all servlet mappings  
       mapping servlet to name in web.xml  
       mapping static content to a servlet  
       restricting requests for certain servlets  
       disabling cookies  
       JavaScript, developers' web site  
       setting language preference (v. 7.1)  
next ( ) (Iterator)  
non-repeatable read  
nullrole security role  
NumberFormat class
       format( )   2nd  
       getCurrencyInstance( )  
       getPercentInstance( )  
numbers , formatting with JSTL tags  
       fmt:setLocale tag  

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