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l10n   [See localization]
language codes (ISO)  
language element  
language preference, setting in Netscape 7.1  
last-accessed time for sessions
       tracking with JSPs  
       tracking with servlets  
layouts for logged messages  
       in inherited appenders  
       pattern used for BasicConfigurator  
       SimpleLayout class, in root logger messages  
lib directory   2nd  
       inclusion of nested directories in WAR file with Ant war task  
       JAR files, storing in  
       log4j.jar file  
       TLDs and  
lib element (Ant)  
listener element (web.xml)  
       adding listener class to a tag library  
       application event  
       configuration in web.xml file (servlet API 2.3)  
       examining HTTP requests with  
       monitoring session attributes  
       requests, tracking for a web application  
       servlet context event listener, using in logging  
       session event  
               using in logging  
       tracking session lifecycle  
       validating form input with  
ListResourceBundle class  
load-on-startup element (web.xml)  
local home interface (EJB on WebLogic)  
       definition of   2nd  
       detecting for client in a JSP  
       detecting for client in a server  
       displaying message appropriate for using JSTL formatting tags  
       formatting currency values for
               in a JSP  
               in a servlet  
       formatting date for display
               in a JSP  
               in a servlet  
       definition of  
localization context
       setting in web.xml  
location element (web.xml)  
Location header  
log( ) (ServletContext)   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       Apache Log4j library  
       configuration file used by servlet context listener  
       session event listener that uses  
       setting up file  
        appender configuration  
       specifying different name for  
LoggerTag class   2nd  
               adding to rooot logger  
       filter that logs some information (example)  
       log4j and servlet context event listener, using  
       log4j, using in a JSP  
       LogFilter (example), mapped to a servlet  
               creating your own and giving it an appender  
               using without configuration file  
       session event listener, using  
       setting up log4j   2nd  
       with servlet that uses ServletContext.log( )  
logging out users, application with form-based authentication  
login( )
       DataSourceLoginModule class   2nd  
       LoginContext class   2nd  
login-config elements (web.xml)  
       auth-method nested element  
               values for  
       using with security-constraint element  
login.html page (example)  
LoginBean class (example)  
       getLoginSuccess( )  
LoginContext class  
loginError.html page  
loginError.jsp page  
LoginModule class  
       example code  
       validating username and password against database information  
logout( ) (LoginModule)  
long datatypes returned by date- related HttpSession methods   2nd  
lookup( ) (InitialContext)   2nd  

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