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C language, printf function  
c:choose tag  
c:forEach tag   2nd  
       interations performed by  
       iterating over map values  
       iterating through a Map's stored request headers  
c:if tag
       testing expressions for conditional code execution  
       use in a JSP (example)  
c:import tag  
       importing Ant build file into JSP  
       including JavaScript module in a JSP  
       JavaScript module, importing into a JSP  
       use by JSP to access forbidden resource  
c: otherwise tag  
c:out tag   2nd   3rd  
       displaying a JavaBean's properties  
       displaying form input via a JavaBean  
       displaying individual parameter values  
       escaped characters  
       exception information, displaying for JSP  
       passing value of request_uri attribute to  
       summary of functions  
       use in a JSP (example)  
c:param tags, including parameter values in JSP  
c:set tag  
       binding an object to application scope  
       setting variable to session scope  
       summary of functions  
c:when tag  
CallableStatement class  
       executeUpdate( )  
       servlet using to call stored procedure  
CallbackHandler class   2nd   3rd  
       class for sifting through web pages  
       definition of  
       ParserDelegator, using with  
case sensitivity
       url pattern in servlet-mapping elements  
       usernames and passwords in tomcat-users .xml file  
       request parameters  
       ServletRequest type to HttpServletRequest  
Caucho Resin (servlet engine)  
cbck:log (custom JSP tag)   2nd  
CDATA sections in XML files, using to pass well- formed test  
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)  
character entity codes   2nd  
       escaped characters in c:out tag  
       listing of  
CheckEmail function, JavaScript  
       JavaServer Page implementation class  
       servlet   2nd  
               servlet-class element in web.xml  
classes directory   2nd file  
       specifying classes with Ant war task  
       TLDs and  
       WebLogic 7.0 server, pasting servlet class into  
classes element (Ant)  
classic tag handlers  
       creating for a custom action  
       creating JSP 1.2 TLD for  
       creating JSP 2.0 TLD for  
classpath element (Ant)  
       nested inside the javac task  
CLASSPATH environment variable, precompiling JSPs and  
       Ant classpath that includes Tomcat JAR files  
       email- related classes, placing on  
       in build.xml file, for JAR files in Tomcat directories  
        user , represented by CLASSPATH environment variable  
       WLCLASSPATH environment variable  
client authentication   [See authentication]
client requests  
       counting for web application  
       examining HTTP request headers in a JSP  
       examining HTTP request headers in a servlet  
       filter, using to alter request headers  
       refreshing a JSP automatically  
       refreshing a servlet automatically  
client state  
Clock class (example applet)  
       reference to, embedded by JSP  
close( )
       InitialContext class  
       PrintWriter class  
closing database connections   2nd  
code examples in this book, use of  
Collections class, synchronizedMap( )  
com.oreilly.servlet library
       classes for file uploads  
       LocaleNegotiator class  
       MultipartFilter class  
com.oreilly.servlet.multipart package  
comment attribute (cookies)  
       uncommenting Connector element in Tomcat server.xml  
commercial servlet engines  
commit( )
       Connection class   2nd  
       LoginModule class  
Common Gateway Interface (CGI)  
compiling servlets   2nd   [See also precompiling JSPs]
       Ant tool, using  
        PATH environment variable for javac  
       with Ant build file  
configure( ) (BasicConfigurator)  
configure( ) (PropertyConfigurator)
       specifying name of file  
Connection class
       commit( )   2nd  
       getMetaData( )  
       getTransactionIsolation( )  
               listing of isolation levels  
       rollback( )   2nd  
       setAutoCommit( )  
connections, database  
       creating connection pool with WebLogic Console  
       DataSource as factory for  
       opening and closing  
       servlet using WebLogic connection pool  
Connector element (server.xml)  
ConsoleAppender class  
container-managed security  
content   [See also dynamically including content; static content]
       non-HTML, sending  
               audio files  
               PDF files  
               viewing internal resources in a servlet  
               word processing files  
               XML files  
content types
       email   2nd  
Content-Disposition header   2nd  
Content-Length header  
Content-Type header  
       MIME types  
contentType attribute (jsp element)  
       default, for servlets  
       including JSP file, importing content from outside  
Context element (Tomcat server.xml file)   2nd  
context path for web application  
       path attribute of Context element (Tomcat)  
context-param element (web.xml)
       cookie age, values for  
       dataSource parameter that connects with a database  
       internationalization resources  
       JSP that opens pop-up window  
       localization context, setting   2nd  
       providing path for an included file in a JSP  
context-relative path  
contextDestroyed( ) (ServletContextListener)  
contextInitialized (ServletContextListener)  
ContextObject class (example)  
controller servlet  
       exclusive access to certain servlets, setting up  
       mapping all requests to while preserving all servlet mappings  
conversion of a JSP into a servlet  
conversion patterns, layout of logged messages  
conversion specifiers in pattern language  
Cookie class  
       getName( ) and getValue( )   2nd  
       getPath( )  
       getter and setter methods for attributes  
       setMaxAge( )   2nd  
               argument value of zero  
       setValue( )  
cookie implicit object (JSTL)   2nd  
Cookie request header  
cookies   2nd  
       accessing with EL  
       definition of  
       deletion by users  
       disabled by users  
       name/value pair  
       optional attribute/value pairs  
       overwriting or removing existing cookies  
       reading values with a JSP  
       reading values with a servlet  
       session tracking, use in  
               disabled cookies  
       setting with a JSP  
       setting with a servlet  
       storing request cookies in an array  
copy task (Ant)  
Copyright servlet (example)  
Core J2EE Blueprints web page  
Corel's SVG Viewer  
cos.jar file  
country codes (ISO)   2nd  
create-jar target (Ant)  
create-war target (Ant, build.xml file)  
CreateWindow function, JavaScript  
       creating new browser window in a servlet  
creation time for sessions
       tracking with JSPs  
       tracking with servlets  
currencies, formatting for locales
       in a JSP  
       in a servlet  
custom actions   2nd   [See also custom tags]
       JSP using to access log4j  
custom tags   2nd   3rd  
       associated with a tag file, using  
       cbck:log tag
               logging level  
       configuration file, including your own  
       creating classic tag handler for  
       creating JSP 1.2 TLD for classic tag handler  
       creating JSP 2.0 TLD for classic tag handler  
       creating TLD for a simple tag handler  
       function calls embedded in template text  
       handling exceptions in custom tag class  
       JSP tag file, creating  
       listener class, adding to tag library  
       packaging a tag library in a web application  
       packaging JSP tag file in a JAR  
       packaging tag library in a JAR file  
       simple tag handler, creating  
       simple tag handler, using in a JSP  
       tag file, packaging in web application  
       tag that uses log4j  
       TLD for custom logger tag  
       using in a JSP  

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