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DatabaseMetaData interface  
       accessing from servlet without DataSource configuration  
       calling stored procedure from a JSP  
       configuring DataSource in Tomcat  
       converting ResultSet to Result object  
       creating DataSource on WebLogic  
       DataSource, using in servlet with Tomcat  
       executing several SQL statements in one transaction  
       interacting with by configuring DataSource in web.xml  
       JNDI lookup, using to access a WebLogic DataSource  
       JSTL tags that interact with  
       ResultSet information, finding out  
       stored procedure, calling from a servlet  
       transactions, using with JSPs  
       WebLogic DataSource, using in a JSP  
DataHandler class  
       configuration in web.xml  
       configuring for servlet in Tomcat  
       configuring in web.xml for SQL JSTL tags  
       creating DataSource object on WebLogic  
               configuration, steps in  
       explicitly setting for JSTL SQL tags in a JSP  
       getConnection( )   2nd  
       JNDI, accessing with  
       using in servlet with Tomcat  
       WebLogic DataSource, using in a JSP  
DataSourceLoginModule   2nd  
Date class, getTime( )  
DateFormat class   2nd  
       format( )  
       getDateTimeInstance( )  
dates and times
       creation and last-accessed time for sessions
               tracking with JSPs  
               tracking with servlets  
       expiration for cookies  
       formatting dates according to request locale
               in a JSP  
               in a servlet  
       formatting with JSTL tags
               current date in Swiss and U.S. style  
               fmt:formatDate tag, attributes of  
       JSP that displays current  
       log4j date formatter  
       of logging activity  
dateStyle and timeStyle attributes (fmt:formatDate)  
Davidson, James Duncan  
DEBUG level logging   2nd  
       in root logger  
declarative security  
default attribute (Ant project element)  
DefaultFileRenamePolicy class  
       file-uploading JavaBean, use in  
deleting a cookie  
depends attribute (Ant target elements)  
deploy-application target (Ant, build.xml file)  
       edited to deploy on WebLogic 7.0  
deploy-servlet target (Ant, build.xml file)   2nd  
Deployer utility (WebLogic)  
deploying servlets and JSPs  
       deploying as part of Tomcat's Context element in server.xml file  
       individual JSP, deploying on Tomcat  
       individual JSP, deploying on WebLogic  
       individual servlet, deploying on Tomcat  
               Ant tool, using  
               steps in process  
       individual servlet, deploying on WebLogic Server 7.0  
               Ant file, using  
               editing web.xml file to register servlet  
               redeploying web application  
       web application, deploying on Tomcat  
               Ant build file, using  
       web application, deploying on WebLogic
               using Ant tool  
               using WebLogic Administration Console  
               using WebLogic Builder  
               using weblogic.Deployer command-line utility  
deployment descriptors   [See also web.xml file]
               for servlet API 2.3  
               servlet API 2.4  
               web.xml file contents  
               vendor-specific (weblogic-ejb-jar.xml)  
       J2EE, namespace of  
       opening and editing in WebLogic Builder  
       security- related elements in versions other than servlet v2.4  
       storage in WEB-INF directory  
       taglib element  
       web.xml file in WEB-INF directory  
description attribute (Ant target elements)  
destfile attribute
       Ant jar task  
       Ant war task  
digital certificate, creating for Tomcat server  
dir attributes
       Ant classes element  
       Ant fileset elements  
directives, JSP  
       in well- formed XML file  
       XML equivalents for  
       ** pattern in Ant elements (zero or more directories)   2nd  
       local, saving file uploads to  
       URLs that specify a directory only  
directory structure of web applications  
       for application deployed by Ant tool  
       example of  
       exploded directory format  
       JSP files in  
dirty read  
dispatcher elements (web.xml)   2nd  
displayMessage( )
       AttachBean class (example)  
       EmailBean class (example)  
       HeaderAccessor class (example)  
       MailAccessor class (example)  
distributed computing, SOAP as easier form of  
doCatch( ) (TryCatchFinally)  
docBase attribute (Context element, Tomcat)  
Document Type Definition (DTD)  
       in JSP 1.2 TLD file  
       JSP 1.2  
       order for elements in web.xml (servlet 2.3 API)  
       XML Schema vs.  
doEndTag( )   2nd  
doFilter( )  
       blocking requests  
       casting request parameter  
       changing servlet response  
       filter using HttpServletResponseWrapper class  
       FilterChain class  
doFinally( ) (TryCatchFinally)  
doGet( )
       encodeRedirectURL, using in  
       FirstServlet class (example)  
               output displayed in browser  
       HttpServlet class  
               including content in  
               JavaBean, using to send email  
       PrivacyServlet class (example), including resource specified by init parameter  
       servlet accessing database using JDBC  
       servlet method to which filter is mapped  
       servlet using a JavaBean to handle emal attachments  
       servlet using JavaBean to send email  
domain attribute (cookies)  
doPost( )
       FirstServlet class (example)  
               output displayed in browser  
       HttpServlet class  
               including content in  
       POST HTTP requests, responding to  
       tracking a user 's refresh count  
doStartTag( )   2nd  
doTag( )  
       simple tag handlers  
download progress, showing to user  
DriverManager class  
DTD   [See Document Type Definition]
dynamic content, combining multimedia with in JSPs  
dynamically including content  
       configuring included resource in external file  
       external configuration file, using to include resource in a JSP  
       importing a resource each time servlet handles a request  
       including content from outside a context in JSP  
       including content in a JSP for each request  
       including XML fragment in JSP document  
       resources nested at multiple levels in servlet  
               exception information, displaying  
               first inner included servlet  
               outer including servlet  
               request attributes, access by included resources  
               second included servlet  
       resources that seldom change, including in JSP  
       server performance and  

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