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EAR (Enterprise Application Archive) file  
echo task (Ant)  
EIS (Enterprise Information Systems)  
ejb-jar.xml file  
       contents of, displaying  
EJBs (Enterprise JavaBeans)  
       accessing an EJB on WebLogic from a servlet, using JNDI  
               deployment descriptor (ejb-jar.xml)  
               deployment descriptor, vendor-specific  
               servlet (example)  
               stateless session bean (example)  
EL   [See Expression Language]
elements, XML
       Ant tasks  
       build.xml file (Ant)  
       Context element (Tomcat server.xml file)  
       in web.xml file for servlet API 2.3  
       in web.xml file for servlet API 2.4  
       order in valid XML file  
       accessing from a servlet  
       accessing from a servlet using a JavaBean  
       adding attachments to an email in a servlet  
       JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF)  
       JavaMail API  
       placing classes related to on classpath  
       reading received email headers from a servlet  
       received in a servlet, handling attachments from  
       sending from a servlet  
               servlet interaction with mail server  
       sending from a servlet using a JavaBean  
               EmailBean (example)  
               servlet using JavaBean to send email  
               setting email parts with bean methods  
email addresses, validating in form input with JavaScript  
embed tags (HTML)   2nd  
       automatic HTML file generation by Flash  
       produced by HTML Converter  
encodeRedirectURL (HttpServletResponse)  
encodeURL( ) (HttpServletResponse)  
Enterprise Application Archive (EAR) file  
Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)  
Enterprise JavaBeans   [See EJBs]
entity codes for special characters   2nd  
       c:out tag, escaped characters  
       listing of  
entrySet( ) (Map)   2nd  
Enumeration type  
ERROR level logging  
error-page configuration  
       authentication failure page (/loginError.html)  
       element in web.xml for IOExceptions  
       in web.xml, example of  
       overridden by page directive declaration  
error-page element (web.xml)   2nd  
       configuring error pages  
ErrorData class  
errorPage attribute (page directive)  
escaped characters, c:out tag  
escapeXml attribute (c:out tag)  
EventObject class  
example code from this book, use of  
exception implicit object  
exception-type element (web.xml)  
       in custom tag class  
       handling in web applications  
               creating error-handling JSP  
               declaring exception handlers in web.xml  
               declaring exception-handling JSP for other JSPs  
               exception-handling servlet  
               sending error from a JSP  
               sending error from a servlet  
       thrown during include operations  
exclude element (Ant)  
executeUpdate( ) (CallableStatement)  
expiration for cookies
       setting with jsp:setProperty  
expires attribute (cookies)  
exploded directory format  
Expression Language (EL)  
       calling LoginBean's getLoginSuccess( )  
       client locales, preferred and less-preferred  
       cookie implicit object  
       cookies, accessing with  
       creating hperlinks in URL rewriting  
       creation time for sessions, fetching  
       dereferencing of variable and property values  
       function that calls a stored procedure  
               Java class that implements function  
               JSP, use in  
               TLD file for configuring function  
       in JSP error page  
       in JSP used as error page  
       in template text (JSP 2.0 specification)  
       JavaBean properties, accessing with  
       JSP example page, use in  
       JSTL and  
       map entry key/value pairs  
       request headers, accessing with  
               value of a particular header  
       request parameters, accessing   2nd  
       scoped attributes, accessing  
       scoped variables , accessing with  
       template text, using EL expressions directly in  
       URL for JavaScript window in a JSP, getting from a context parameter  
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)  
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)  
extension mapping URL patterns  
       associating filter with any .jsp file  
       mapping all references to JSP pages to a single servlet  
       mapping static content to a servlet  
external-include property  

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