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background soundtrack, embedding in a JSP  
Base64 content-encoding mechanism  
basedir attribute
       Ant jar task  
       Ant project element  
BASIC authentication  
       form-based authentication, using with  
       using with web applications on Tomcat  
       web.xml elements for initiation of  
BasicConfigurator class  
batch file, for precompiling JSPs with Tomcat  
BEA WebLogic   [See WebLogic]
binary data  
       PDF file, sending as  
       word processing file, sending as  
       XML file, sending as  
binding objects
       listening for binding or unbinding of session objects  
       Session object, to WebLogic JNDI implementation  
       to the ServletContext
               with a JSP  
               with a servlet  
blocking filters
       IP addresses, blocking requests from  
       requests, optionally blocking  
body tags (HTML)  
BodyPart class   2nd   3rd  
BodyTagSupport class   2nd  
boundary pattern separating files in HTTP upload requests  
browser windows , creating with JavaScript  
       in a JSP  
       in a servlet  
       cookies supported by  
       detecting MIME type for embedded MP3 file and activating helper application to play music  
       displaying XML files in readable format  
       embedding Flash file in a JSP  
       JavaScript in  
       viewer applications for SVG files  
BufferedInputStream class  
build directory  
       inclusion of nested directories in WAR file with Ant war task  
build files (Ant)  
       command-line sequence for executing  
       compiling servlet with  
       deploying web application (example)  
       edited to deploy on WebLogic 7.0  
       executing several targets in specified sequence  
       functions of  
       importing file into  
       JSP parsing, using JSTL XML tags  
        names other than build.xml  
       Tomcat Manager application, using from  
       transforming into HTML, using XSL stylesheet for WebLogic Ant file file (Ant)  
       deploying web application on WebLogic Server 7.0  
build.xml file   [See build files]
Builder (WebLogic)  

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