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abort( ) (LoginModule)  
actions in JSPs created as XML files  
activation.jar archive  
ActiveX control, Flash file embedded in JSP by Internet Explorer  
addCookie( ) (HttpServletResponse)  
addresses, email   2nd  
Administration console (WebLogic)  
       configuring JNDI resource  
       viewing JNDI tree  
Adobe System's SVG Viewer application  
aliases to servlets, creating in web.xml file  
already.deployed property (Ant, build.xml file)  
Amazon Web Services  
       connecting to with a JSP  
       connecting to with a servlet  
       creating JavaBean to connect with  
       setting up  
       SOAP response to keyword search request  
Ant tool  
       build.xml file  
       compiling and creating WAR files with  
       compiling servlet classes  
       compiling servlet with build file  
       creating JAR files  
       deploying servlet on WebLogic Server 7.0  
       deploying single servlet on Tomcat  
       deploying web application on Tomcat  
      file (example)  
               build.xml file (example)  
               steps in process  
       deploying web application on WebLogic Server 7.0 file  
       obtaining and setting up  
               downloading binary or source distribution  
               JAXP-compliant XML parser  
       online manual for  
       starting Tomcat application with  
       stopping Tomcat application with  
       targets, using  
               build.xml file, executing  
               executing several targets in specified sequence  
       Tomcat JAR files, including in Ant classpath  
       WAR files, creating  
ANT_HOME environment variable  
antcall element  
antcall task  
       Ant   [See Ant tool]
       Xerces2 XML parser  
Apache Jakarta Project
       log4j distribution, downloading from  
       reference implementation (RI) for the JSTL  
       Standard 1.0 taglib  
Apache Software Foundation, Log4j library  
Apache Software License  
appBase directory (Tomcat, server.xml file)  
       adding to root logger  
       inheritance of  
               layout specification  
       rolling file appender  
       using a pattern with  
Apple Computer's QuickTime movies  
applet tags (HTML)  
       embedding in JSPs with HTML Converter tool  
       embedding in JSPs with jsp:plugin  
       example (Sun Microsystems)  
application event listeners  
application implicit object   2nd  
application name (web applications)  
application scope   2nd  
       binding an object to  
application servers  
       BEA WebLogic, recipes in this book for  
applicationScope JSTL implicit object  
ArithmeticException class  
array of cookies   2nd  
       GoogleSearchResultElement array  
       iterating over with c:forEach tag  
       of SortedMaps, iterating over  
attachments, email
       adding to an email in a servlet  
       handling for email received in a servlet  
attribute directive   2nd  
attributeAdded( ) (HttpSessionAttributeListener)  
attributeRemoved( ) (HttpSessionAttributeListener)  
attributeReplaced( ) (HttpSessionAttributeListener)  
       custom logging tag  
       definition of  
       JSP scoped attribute, setting to value of form papameter  
       object, naming convention for  
       ServletContext, setting in JSPs  
       ServletContext, setting in servlets  
               object that servlet binds to ServletContext  
               servlet that binds object to ServletContext  
attribution for use of code examples  
audio files
       embedding in JSPs  
       sending as MP3 files  
auth-constraint element (web.xml)  
       roles in  
auth-method element (web.xml)  
       form-based authentication  
       values for  
authentication   2nd  
       authorization vs.  
       BASIC authentication, use with web applications on Tomcat  
       creating usernames and passwords with Tomcat  
               logging out user  
       JAAS configuration file, creating  
       JAAS, using in a JSP  
       JAAS, using in a servlet  
       LoginModule, creating with JAAS  
       SSL, setting up on Tomcat  
authorization   [See also JAAS]
       authentication vs.  
available task (Ant, build.xml file)  

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