Creating a Contact Database

The following steps take you through the process of creating a new Contacts folder and adding 10 contacts. This will give you a Contacts database to work with.

  1. Click the Contacts shortcut on the Outlook Bar. Choose File, New, Folder. The Create New Folder dialog box, shown in Figure 16.5, is displayed.

    Figure 16.5. The Create New Folder dialog box is used to create a place to store the contacts you're going to create.


  2. In the Name text box, type India Contacts . Make sure that the Folder Contains text box reads Contact Items. The Contacts folder should be selected in the Select Where to Place the Folder window. Click OK. When you're asked if you want to add a shortcut to the Outlook Bar, click Yes.

  3. Click the My Shortcuts icon in the Outlook Bar. Click the India Contacts icon. No data is currently contained in this folder.

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