Deleting an Outlook Folder

Deleting a folder is a two-step process. First delete the folder itself, and then delete the shortcut that points to the deleted folder ( assuming a shortcut was created). The following steps show you how you would delete a folder Contacts named TYOL . Substitute the name of your folder you wish to delete for TYOL.

  1. If necessary, click the Folder List tool on the Advanced toolbar to display the Folder List. Expand the Contacts folder again, if necessary, and click on the TYOL folder. Press the Delete key, or click the Delete button on the Standard toolbar. Outlook prompts you to confirm the deletion. Click Yes.

  2. Display the Outlook Bar, if necessary, and click My Shortcuts. Right-click the TYOL Shortcut and choose Remove From Outlook Bar. When prompted to confirm, click Yes.

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