Setting Up Income Accounts

When you use the EasyStep Interview, QuickBooks populates your company file with a list of accounts common to your type of business. After offering you a suggested list of expense accounts as shown in the previous task, the Interview proceeds to a screen where you can choose to use the suggested list of income accounts. Just as with the expense accounts, you can select this initial list of income accounts, then later create as many new accounts as you need for your business and remove the accounts you don't need.

Set Up Income Accounts

Scroll through the list of income accounts provided by QuickBooks, comparing the accounts on that list to those you need for your business. Make a note of any income accounts you need to add and those you want to remove.

Click Yes to accept this standard list of accounts.

If none of these accounts appear useful to you, then click No and you can create your own accounts after the EasyStep Interview is completed.

Click Next to proceed through the EasyStep Interview.

Did You Know?

Unless all these accounts are inappropriate for you, you'll probably save time by accepting the list of accounts that QuickBooks provides as a starting point and adding the other account names you need after the interview is completed.

See Also

See Chapter 3, "Adding or Changing Information After the Interview Is Completed," on page 67, for information about adding and removing accounts.

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