Setting Up Expense Accounts

As you progress through the EasyStep Interview, you reach the point where you are asked to set up your company's expense accounts. Expense accounts are used to categorize your company's cash outlays. In addition to the expense accounts QuickBooks provides with its standard chart of accounts, you will no doubt need to add accounts that are unique to your business. When the EasyStep Interview is completed you can add your own expense accounts and remove any unwanted accounts from the standard list assigned by QuickBooks.

Set Up Expense Accounts

Scroll through the list of expense accounts provided by QuickBooks, comparing the accounts on that list to those you need for your business. Make a note of any expense accounts you need to add and those you want to remove.

Click Yes to accept this standard list of accounts.

If none of these accounts appear useful to you, then click No and you can create your own accounts after the EasyStep Interview is completed.

Click Next to proceed through the EasyStep Interview.

Did You Know?

The QuickBooks recommended expense accounts are tailored to your business. Based on the type of business you indicated yours is, earlier in the interview, QuickBooks has selected a list of expense accounts that should provide a good starting point for the accounts you need to use.

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