Setting Up a Bank Account

No matter what type of company yours is, you no doubt have a bank account where your receipts are deposited and from which your payments are made. Early in the EasyStep Interview you are asked to set up your bank account.

Enter the name of your bank account. You can use either the actual name of the bank or a descriptive name for the account (such as Checking Account or Savings Account).

Enter the bank account number.

Indicate whether you opened this account before or after your start date.

Click Next.

If you indicated you opened this account before your start date, enter the date of the last bank statement you received prior to your start date. If you are setting up a new bank account where your first bank statement was issued after your start date, use your start date as the bank statement date.

Enter the ending balance amount from the last bank statement prior to your start date. If you are setting up a new bank account, enter 0 as the balance at the start date.

Click Next to proceed to the next part of the EasyStep Interview.

Did You Know?

The name you assign to your bank account appears on financial statements. Consider using a generic name like Cash or Bank Accounts. Then you can set up your individual bank accounts as subaccounts of the main account.

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