Chapter 13. Security

What You'll Do

Back Up Your QuickBooks Company File

Restore Backed-Up Information

Use the QuickBooks Online Backup Service

Set Up the Administrator

Add a User

Edit User Access

Remove a User

Close Financial Records at Year-End

Create a Closing Date Exception Report

There are few things more precious than your company's financial data. Don't rely on good luck to protect your QuickBooks information. Take advantage of various levels of security protection that QuickBooks offers, from password protection of sensitive areas of your data to offsite backup protection and everything in between, there are plenty of tools you can use to make sure your data is safe.

In addition to the availability of good storage and backup procedures, QuickBooks users have access to a multilevel security system within the program. The QuickBooks security system enables you to protect sensitive data from the eyes of unauthorized personnel. In addition, you can protect your data from being changed by unauthorized users. You can also set a password-protected closing date so that no company transactions from before the closing date can be changed without permission of someone with access to the password.

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