Backing Up Your QuickBooks Company File

A backup is an exact copy of your company data file. Every prudent businessperson should ensure that a functioning backup system is in place. If you use a backup process that backs up your entire computer system, your QuickBooks company file is included as part of the entire backup so you don't need to back up that file separately. If you instead back up specific files individually, these steps will demonstrate how to back up just your company's QuickBooks information. Consider backing up frequently and keeping a copy of your backed-up data somewhere off your company premises. For this example, you'll save your backup file to a disk. An online backup procedure is presented later in this chapter.

Select Back-Up from the File menu.

Choose Disk to save your file to a disk.

Verify that the filename that appears is the name you want to use for this backup. Make changes if necessary.

Verify the location where this file will be saved.

Click Browse if you want to choose a different location for your backup file.

Click OK to perform the backup procedure.

Click OK when the process is completed.

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