Restoring Backed-Up Information

If your company's QuickBooks file has been damaged or you've replaced your computer, you need to restore your company's QuickBooks file from the most recent backup. Note that all transactions you've entered in QuickBooks since the last time you backed up your file will need to be reentered.

Restore Backed-Up Information

Select File, Restore to open the Restore Company Backup window.

Verify that the filename for your company backup file is correct.

Verify that the location where the backed-up file is stored is correct.

Click Browse if necessary to indicate the drive and folder where the backed-up file is stored.

Verify the Location for the designation of the restored file and make any necessary changes.

Click Restore to begin the restoration process.

Click Yes to accept the overwrite of any data currently stored on your computer.

Type the word YES to verify you want to continue with the restoration process.

Click OK.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

Consider enforcing a checklist procedure whereby QuickBooks users at your company use checklists to show which transactions they enter and when the entries are made. With this type of system in place, you'll easily be able to see which entries need to be reentered in the event of a system crash and subsequent restoration of backup. The sample checklist on the next page provides you with a starting point for creating your own checklist.

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