Setting Up Your QuickBooks Internet Connection

When QuickBooks takes you online for banking operations, it does so using an Internet connection that you must set up in advance. It is possible that QuickBooks might detect your Internet connection automatically. However, if you are having trouble connecting QuickBooks to the Internet, specify your Internet connection within the QuickBooks program using these steps.

Select Internet Connection Setup from the Help menu.

Check Use the Following Connection if you have an existing connection through an Internet service provider.

If you checked the option for step 2, click the name of the existing connection.

Check here if you connect to the Internet through a LAN or some other continuous access.

Check here if you have no Internet access.

Click Next.

Click Done.

Did You Know?

If you change your Internet connection, repeat these steps. If you make a change in your Internet service, return to the Help menu and reexecute the steps in this task.

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