66 Manage and Delete Special Effects

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65 Add a Special Effect to a Clip

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When you apply more than one video effect to the same clip, Movie Maker generates the effects in order as the movie plays. The effects do not occur at the same time.

Given that you can apply multiple effects to a single clip, you need a way to manage them so that you can add and remove effects. Movie Maker offers a way to see all available effects and all effects that you've already applied to a clip in one dialog box. From this Add or Remove Video Effects dialog box, you can easily manage multiple special effects.

  1. Locate Clip with Multiple Effects

    Click to select a clip on your storyboard/timeline that contains multiple effects. You can tell by the square special effects icon that multiple effects are applied if two stars appear in the icon's box.

  2. Right-Click the Clip

    Right-click the clip to display a menu.

  3. Select Video Effects

    Select Video Effects from the menu. The Add or Remove Video Effects dialog box appears. All available special effects appear in the dialog box's left list under Available effects , and all the effects already applied to the clip appear in the dialog box's right list under Displayed effects .

  4. Select Effect

    To remove an effect from the clip, select that effect from the right list.

  5. Click Remove

    When you click the Remove button, Movie Maker removes that effect from the clip. All other effects remain on the clip.

  6. Select Effect

    To add a new effect to the clip, click to select the effect from the dialog box's left list.



    To change a clip's special effect from one effect to another, remove the effect and add the one you prefer.

  7. Click Add

    When you click the Add button, Movie Maker adds the effect to the clip and the effect appears at the top of the Displayed effects list.

  8. Click Move Down

    You won't always want the effects to be generated in the sequence you added them. You can move any effect up or down in the list by clicking the Move Down or Move Up button. The effect's position within the Displayed effects list changes to reflect its new position.

  9. Click OK

    When you're done, click the OK button. The Add or Remove Video Effects dialog box disappears and the clip updates with its new effects.

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