67 Put Your Video in Slow Motion

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65 Add a Special Effect to a Clip

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66 Manage and Delete Special Effects

One way to see Movie Maker special effects in action is to slow down your movie. With special effects, you can put one or more clips into slow motion. Doing so enables you to see exactly how to apply effects across clips so that an entire video conforms to the effect.

When you put movie clips into slow motion, the audio slows down as well. Your audio becomes full of s-l-o-w, d-r-a-w-n-o-u-t s-p-e-e-c-h to match the slow, drawn-out action on the screen.

  1. Select Tools, Video Effects



    Speed up your video to double-time by applying the Speed Up, Double video effect.

    Display the available video effects by selecting Video Effects from the Tools menu. The special effects will appear in the Contents pane.

  2. Scroll to Slow Down, Half



    Double-click any effect to see what it does. The Monitor pane will show a preview of the effect.

    Locate the slow motion special effect which is called Slow Down, Half , by scrolling your Contents pane until that effect appears. This video effect will slow down any clip you apply it to by 50%.

  3. Drag to Clip

    Drag the special effect thumbnail image to the clip on which you want to apply the effect. Notice the Video Effect icon that now appears on the clip. Click Play to watch and hear the slow motion.

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