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Sadly, one of the obvious omissions from Movie Maker is its lack of DVD-burning capabilities. Actually, Microsoft Windows XP does not contain built-in DVD-burning routines, and if Movie Maker used them, it would need to adopt a third-party DVD-burning routine that the next version of Windows may or may not adopt. Playing it safe, Microsoft is leaving the DVD-burning operation for your movies up to third-party software vendors that can do the job now.

If you need to purchase DVD-burning software to play your Movie Maker movies on DVD players, be sure the software you choose can import the Windows Media Video format ( WMV ), because that is the format Movie Maker supports best. At first, the favoring of WMV file formats might seem to limit Movie Maker. Remember, though, that Movie Maker supports the DV-AVI file format as well as 17 different quality variations of WMV files. The WMV format packs very good video and sound quality into much smaller movie files than the DV-AVI format.



If the next version of Windows includes the rumored DVD-writing capabilities, the next version of Movie Maker will almost certainly be able to write to DVD burners as well.

The final chapter of this book demonstrates several programs that can put your movies onto DVDs and video CDs. If you have only Movie Maker at this time, you cannot place movies onto DVD. You must obtain some kind of external DVD-burning software.

The Sonic MyDVD Plus software is talked about quite a bit on Microsoft's Movie Maker Web site ( http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/moviemaker/learnmore/dvdburn.asp ). MyDVD Plus supports Movie Maker's WMV format easily. Using MyDVD Plus to send a Movie Maker movie to a DVD requires these simple steps:

  1. Save the Movie Maker movie to your hard disk using the best quality available. For the best quality with compact size , use high quality video (large) as opposed to DV-AVI.

  2. Exit Movie Maker.

  3. Start your DVD-burning program.

  4. Import your saved Movie Maker movie file.

  5. Edit the opening DVD title and create a DVD menu, if you desire one.

  6. Insert a blank DVD into your recordable DVD drive.

  7. Start the burning process.

  8. Label your DVD.

Sonic MyDVD Plus creates DVDs from your Movie Maker movies.

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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